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Alloy 625

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Alloy 625

W-Nr: 2.4856
ASTM: B 564, B 446
SAE AMS: 5666

Alloy 625 is a nickel chromium alloy suitable for applications where strength and corrosion resistance are
required. The alloy exhibits excellent strength and toughness at temperatures ranging from cryogenic up to

The higher strength of this alloy is due to additions of molybdenum and niobium. These elements also
contribute to the resistance to high temperature oxidation and superior corrosion resistance.
These features make alloy 625 suitable for a wide variety of applications. The excellent resistance to pitting
and crevice corrosion is utilised in sea water applications. The high strength and oxidation resistance are
beneficial in aerosopace applications. The strength and general corrosion resistance see the alloy also used
in heat exchangers, valves, pumps, nuclear reactors and flue gas desulphurisation systems.