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Interglassol – shear spray lubricants

The Interglassol product line offers shear blade cooling oils that assure a clean cut and appropriate cooling of the blades. Benefits Interglassol Smart solutions In order to comply with environmental regulations, shear spray lubrication requires biodegradable emulsions. Product Description Characteristics Biostar C Vegetable base shear cooling lubricant. High dilution ratio…

Interglassflow – delivery oils and coatings

The Interglassflow lubricant line has been designed to meet the requirements of the delivery system, press machines and borosilicate tube rotary machines. Benefits Interglassflow Smart soltions A specialty residue-free oil is critical to allow an optimal gob load, especially at high production speeds. The operational life of the delivery coatings…

Interglassmold – swabbing compounds

The Interglassmold product line contains the widest range of swabbing compounds. Our products will enable you to improve your productivity and reduce lubricant consumption. Benefits Interglassmold Smart Solutions The Interglassmold product portfolio has been extended with the H product line. The H product line is formulated with hydro-treated base oils…

Interglasslub – specialized lubrication

The Interglasslub product line consists of machine lubricants that were designed for mechanical applications in the glass forming process. Benefits Interglasslub Smart solutions Reduce your overall maintenance costs and lubricant consumption with our broad range of specialty lubricants that are tailored to the unique operating conditions in the glass industry….